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Entrevista a Eugenio Galdeano, Unreal Engine Environment Artist & alumni de butic

Noticias Visualización 3D 29 diciembre, 2021

We talked to Eugenio Galdeano, Unreal Engine Environment Artist and ex-student of the official Unreal Engine Master in Architectural Visualisation (MBVR) at butic The New School. Do you want to know his story? 👇🏻

Thank you Eugenio for your attention and welcome back to butic The New School!

Why did you decide to study Unreal Engine?

It all started because the software used at Antena 3 (where I worked) to produce the daily graphics had a plugin to communicate with Unreal Engine. I saw Unreal Engine “on the inside” and fell in love immediately. Afterward, little by little, you start to see the power of the program and the scope it was achieving. Today I think it’s unstoppable.

We had for a long time been creating augmented realities in Autodesk Maya for later implementation in Vizrt, but we wanted to go a step further and we started to explore this way.

What was your career trajectory up to that point?

After working for almost a couple of years in the animation sector as Layout and Lighting Artist at 737Shaker, I had the opportunity to have a more stable job in television and I decided to take advantage of it to have some quiet years in which I could develop as an audiovisual professional.

First in laSexta and later in Antena 3 I have been able to go from being a trainee graphic designer to supervising the 3D production and technical work of the department. I like to learn and improve wherever I am.

Why did you decide to study Unreal Engine at butic The New School?

I spent a long time analyzing the different possibilities for training in Unreal Engine. At that time it wasn’t as popular as it is now and the offer wasn’t as wide. Of all the schools, the one that convinced me the most was butic, the only one with certified Unreal Engine instructors. I was delighted when Marco Antonio Fernández (CEO of butic) called me to tell me that, because they were becoming the first Unreal Engine Authorised Training Centre, the course would start a little later. It was great news and confirmed my intuition that I had chosen the right school.

When and how did your first contact with Unreal Engine?

It was like coming home after having been away for a long time. Unreal Engine was a happy reunion with pure 3D. Unfortunately in television, not enough time to develop properly.

How did you progress during your training at butic?

It was fantastic. I was able to enjoy an amazing group of classmates and a group of teachers who helped us at all times.

Why did you choose “SpaceRoom” to present at The Rookies? How did the experience result?

I chose it because it was my mid-master’s project and I developed it with its presentation in mind. Unlike most of butic’s students, I don’t come from the architecture sector and that’s why I was looking for a project that represented me, without leaving aside everything I was learning.

With a clear idea of the lighting I wanted to apply to the project, I started to create a blockout of how the scene could be structured and lit, thinking about the story behind it (the room of two little brothers who are preparing a game they are passionate about, the day of the rocket launch).

SpaceRoom Iluminación 01. Entrevista a Eugenio Galdeano, Unreal Engine Environment Artist y alumni de butic

SpaceRoom Iluminación 02. Entrevista a Eugenio Galdeano, Unreal Engine Environment Artist y alumni de butic

Little by little, with the time you have when you work and study at the same time, you create the scene and form the initial idea. You have to get into the heads of those two brothers. What do they have at hand? What would they use to play with? How old are they? All these questions are very important for the creation of an environment, much more so than the software chosen for its production. It is these questions that create a story and it is the story that brings an image to life.

SpaceRoom Concepts. Entrevista a Eugenio Galdeano, Unreal Engine Environment Artist y alumni de butic

It was a big effort to make “SpaceRoom” but it was worth it. The feedback I got from my classmates and teachers was great and I was proud that many of them were reminded of Pixar Animation StudiosToy Story“.

I finally submitted the project to The Rookies, and the result was very positive. I was selected in the draft and was awarded The Rookie of the Year Award in 3D Animation in B-rank. I’m really glad I finished the project and submitted it to the contest.

SpaceRoom. The Rookies. Entrevista a Eugenio Galdeano, Unreal Engine Environment Artist y alumni de butic

What knowledge of 3D did you have previously and how did it influence you?

My previous knowledge in 3D was of critical importance to be able to benefit from the Master. I came with extensive experience in modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering, which helped me to advance much faster with Unreal Engine. Thanks to the Master’s I have been able to continue polishing all these areas and learn techniques that I didn’t know before.

How has your previous professional experience influenced you?

All the experience you accumulate in the audiovisual sector is always applicable in different areas of the sector. You train your eye, your style, and your technique. In the end, it doesn’t matter what software you are going to use, they are just tools. All this experience helps you to absorb the knowledge of a master’s degree like this much better, as a student fresh out of school it wouldn’t have been the same.

What projects have you been involved in since you started with Unreal Engine? Tell us a bit about the production of each of them.

I have been able to collaborate in some other projects, but the biggest of them all was to use what I learned with Unreal Engine in a daily TV show, thanks to the opportunity given to me by Diego Hernández (co-founder of BIM2VR, coordinator of the Unreal Engine area at butic and certified Unreal Engine instructor) and César Maestre (coordinator of Virtual Production with Unreal Engine at MBC and certified Unreal Engine instructor) to work on the Mixed Reality of the RTVE show “Las cosas claras” (Things are clear).

As a daily breaking news show, it is the news that rules and there is the challenge of the speed needed to follow the story. A speed that is not at all easy in conventional 3D, which generally requires more production time, especially if it demands high visual quality.

With all this I had the opportunity, among other things, to create the virtual set that would give life to the weather information in the program, with all its variants, interactive elements, and needs, which were not few. It was a lot of fun to carry out all that daily work and to improve my knowledge of Unreal Engine along the way.

How would you resume your experience at butic The New School and how has it influenced you professionally? In what ways has it helped you to improve your work?

butic has brought me back to the best of 3D and I have been able to see how much I missed it. It has been a big change in my professional career, as you rarely have in life. The daily work involved in the master’s degree, all that effort has been enormous, but I would do it all over again without a doubt.

Thanks to butic and Unreal Engine I’m now on the adventure of a new industry change. I started in the animation industry and continued in the broadcasting industry. Now, the time has come to enter the videogame industry and dedicate me to something I am passionate about, which is without a doubt the world of 3D.

I’m very grateful for the interview and the opportunity to share my experience. See you soon!

Eugenio Galdeano | LinkedIn | ArtStation